Asmita Potdar

National Award Winner

Always has been blessed with the skills in art, especially the art of Embroidery. This beautiful yet somewhat unique art of Embroidery is inherited to me from my mother in childhood. I started making flowers, birds in Embroidery at the age of 12. I have been experimenting on the Hand Embroidery for last 35 years. My work has reached all over in India & also have gone abroad. "If one possesses an eye for art, the art appears through any medium."

History of Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery is the art of skillful arrangement of attractive colourful threads interwoven through various types of stitches on a cloth with the help of needles.

This art was born and brought up in the eastern countries in general and India in particular. Indian Hand Embroidery is as enriched as the cultural history of India. It was a very popular art in the medieval era. The traces of Hand embroidery are found in the excavations at mohenjo daro and harappa and there bronze needles were also found.

The great poet Kalidas, Baanbhatta, Bharavi and other ancient poets have hand embroidery mentioned in their literature. The above points indicate that the art of hand embroidery was well practiced in ancient India and hence; it is our duty to keep this att alive.

As time advanced; the subjects for hand embroidery changed say for an example; nowadays the subjects for painting are used in the hand embroidery too. And they are accomplished with the help of colourful threads of course.